Friday, February 4, 2011

India, Italy and Mother England

This blog's title, while a bit fanciful, is inspired by some possible blog titles bandied about during the first meeting of my English Composition course this morning. Those titles were in turn inspired by the ethnic backgrounds of some of my classmates,  though none of them mentioned England.

I thought up the England part, partly because the title needed more words to achieve a good syllabic flow, partly because it sounds cooler than Germany (my own ethnic background, about which there is little of the romantic--lederhosen, beer and capitalized nouns excite me not at all), but mostly as a play on words, as this blog is a companion to my English Composition.

Yes, I know that English as a course subject has little to nothing to do with England the country, but grant me some creative license in the title. I strive to keep all information presented in any assignments accurate, relevant or at least entertaining and not presented as fact.

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