Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Oh dear, I've been neglecting my blog. So much going on. Well, mostly going slightly crazy these past few weeks, what with the unexpected spring break (showing up for class and no one is there, what is that about? Homeschoolers don't get spring break as far as my experience goes. I certainly never did and most of my awareness of it is confined to a few movies and I don't trust movies) and being so crazy depressed I was unable to think. But that's over now (well, better anyway) and I hope it stays that way.
I went to a movie Saturday night with a couple of brothers and my best friend. Sucker Punch was pretty cool, and I don't regret seeing it, I did enjoy it, but it was the wrong movie to see at the time. A bit too bleak for me at this stage--I'd have enjoyed it more on DVD as a less immersive experience.

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